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Passover 2023

Your Seder Table

Whether you'll be joining the virtual Community Seder, or making your own family seder, here's a list of items for a traditional seder table:

  • a seder plate (or designated plate)

  • wine or grape juice and a cup for each participant

  • a plate with three matzahs

  • napkin or something in which to place the afikomen

  • Elijah's cup (extra wine cup)

  • a bowl with salt water

  • parsley or other vegetable for dipping

  • roasted egg (boiled and then slightly burnt on the stovetop)

  • shank bone (or roasted beet, or paper cut-out or drawing of a shank bone)

  • charoset (recipes available online, often a mixture of apples, walnuts and wine)

  • bitter herb (horseradish or bitter lettuce);

  • Optional, but fun for the kids at the community seder: scallions/green onions

  • food/dinner for the festive meal


Remember that we light candles at the start of the holiday, so you'll want your "shabbat" candles on hand.


Passover Tunes

Blessing over children
page 5
Intention over wine
page 7
Four questions
page 14
V'hi She'amda
page 35
B'chol dor va'dor
page 54
kadesh ur'chatz
page 6
Ha Lachma
page 12
Avadim Hayinu
page 16
pages 48-50
Eliyahu Hanavi
page 69
Brich rachamana
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