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Passover 2023

Virtual Sale of Chametz (leavened products)

If you would like to give Rabbi Margie Cella permission to sell the ownership of your chametz for Passover to a non-Jew, please fill out this form with your NAME AND ADDRESS by Wednesday, April 5th at 12:00PM.


Please note that the food stays in your possession, just the legal ownership changes.

Your Seder Table

Whether you'll be joining the virtual Community Seder, or making your own family seder, here's a list of items for a traditional seder table:

  • a seder plate (or designated plate)

  • wine or grape juice and a cup for each participant

  • a plate with three matzahs

  • napkin or something in which to place the afikomen

  • Elijah's cup (extra wine cup)

  • a bowl with salt water

  • parsley or other vegetable for dipping

  • roasted egg (boiled and then slightly burnt on the stovetop)

  • shank bone (or roasted beet, or paper cut-out or drawing of a shank bone)

  • charoset (recipes available online, often a mixture of apples, walnuts and wine)

  • bitter herb (horseradish or bitter lettuce);

  • Optional, but fun for the kids at the community seder: scallions/green onions

  • food/dinner for the festive meal


Remember that we light candles at the start of the holiday, so you'll want your "shabbat" candles on hand.


Passover Tunes

Blessing over children
page 5
Intention over wine
page 7
Four questions
page 14
V'hi She'amda
page 35
B'chol dor va'dor
page 54
kadesh ur'chatz
page 6
Ha Lachma
page 12
Avadim Hayinu
page 16
pages 48-50
Eliyahu Hanavi
page 69
Brich rachamana
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