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Hebrew School News June 2017

It is very hard to believe that Hebrew school is almost over for this year. We only have one more session left on June 4th. This year has been filled with so much excitement and activity.

We currently have more students and teachers in our school than we have had in many years. On the other hand, we are still small enough to be able to create a very intimate experience for each student. I feel lucky to know all of our Hebrew school students very well, and to have had the opportunity to work with each one of them during this past school year. It is very fulfilling to see each child learn and grow as a person. I hope that the lessons and activities they experienced throughout the year will carry over into a great summer for everyone.

We look forward to welcoming everyone back in the fall. However, we have many services and events during the summer and it would be wonderful to see you at the Jewish center all year round.

Keep in mind Saturday morning services coming up on June 10 at 9:30. Shabbat morning is fun and delicious at the Jewish center. Join us! And happy summer to everyone!

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